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Levon Kostandyan
Launch Project
“Black Box Play

Black Box Play as a social sculpture piece, creates a play like engagement with artwork. As some participants take the role of the audience they enable others to become performers. The piece encourages you to think about your interactions with art and with the community. In times of a global pandemic where social interaction in person is at a minimal, Black Box Play has been turned into a recorded performance piece. While initially wanting to make a point for personal experiences and physical presence in interactions, now it stands in my living room. Without an audience and people to interact with it, it is simply a black box. Art depends on its audience.

Troy McIver
Launch Project

A performance that invites participants to touch a nude body in order to view a projected image of fragmented queer images, that are subtextually deemed as monstrous. Sensorship confronts an amalgam of societal fears associated with censorship throughout history of nudity and its association with queerness/otherness. By exploring the dichotomy between the physical and electronic, the performance is meant to intimidate participants by simply inviting them to touch the model. Thus, deciding not to interact with the body is participating in the narrative. The participants challenge the heteronormative, male-dominated gaze of media by having the restricted in the open; out of a “monstrous vessel.”  The performance was documented in a vacant warehouse next to the artist’s day job. The meaning of the setting is autobiographical. As a queer person, Troy McIver explores self-censorship in a predominantly cis-gender straight work environment. This is a common dynamic amongst queer folk in the blue-collar workforce. What is acceptable for cis-straight men in day-to-day discourse, in not the same for their queer counterparts; and is a result of the representations of queerness and otherness through the centuries.

Philip McDermott
Launch Project

Named after the Greek god of snails, Nerites is a simple game in which you play as a snail that travels through a barren land, but as they make their way through they bring life. Deserts to turn to lush green plains and forests and the like. The piece evolved into a work that would exist fully online, and exists to reinforce how important each and every part of the natural world is, even the smallest snail. My piece also speaks to how the natural world has changed from being untouched by man to being almost entirely modified in some way, whether it be clearing a forest and replanting it or simply things like wiping out a whole area to pave a parking lot, or on an even bigger scale making a whole city.

Ryan Pinkall
Launch Project

New Media senior project that explores vehicle commuting within modern-day traffic infrastructure. 

Mariafe Sanchez  
Launch Project
“Who Made Me,
 Who Made Us”

Departing from Judith Butler’s idea of gender being purely performative and socially constructed. This video walks the viewer through a set of phases in a woman’s life in a form of conversation to herself that show how society shaped her as a person since she was very young and living in a very sexist, stereotypical environment. She wanted to act like a man to seem stronger, until she realized she was better than that.    
      Initially this was going to be a video installation in which the viewer enters a dark room, which represents the headspace, her headspace, her personal space.

Bennett Stolz
Launch Project
“Weekend in Atlantis”

Abstract: Inspired by the works of Authors such as David Wiesner and Lynd Ward, this proposal for a picture book forgoes traditional storytelling in the written word and instead conveys a narrative purely through surreal and intricately detailed illustrations. These illustrations are done in the form of photo collage images created in photoshop using a mix of stock image sources and some of my own (I was originally intending to have more of my own pictures involved in this project, however that would’ve involved going into the city to get them). In addition to the images themselves, I’ve also included 3D renders of these illustrations in diorama form and video of these dioramas working as targeted AR projections in Spark. These AR components work to give the images more of a popup book feel, having a fully realized 3D model of the scene appear on top of the image when viewing a specific target image within the illustration.

Picture books are an effective tool for helping young kids develop an appreciation for the literary format, and they invite their readers to explore and analyze its visual landscapes with a keen eye for detail, sometimes even through multiple re-reads. Incorporating AR can add new dimensions to the ways in which readers view and interact with these landscapes.

Iwan Ten Traeger-Payne
Launch Project  

In his explorational sandbox game “Transfer”, Iwan invites the user to explore a surreal procedurally generated world through the eyes of protagonist Kyan. Named after Kyanite, a crystal known to enhance one’s telepathic and psychic abilities, Kyan’s powers to transfer his soul into the beings around him allows for a variety of interesting outcomes to emerge.

Stephanie Vasquez
Launch Project       
“Shattered Perception”

Shattered Perception is a project focused on the stereotypes given to females based on Greek Mythology. The project utilizes research on Greek Mythology including religious beliefs to further expose and understand the negative connotations that derive from it to describe females. Women today are still suffering from these misogynistic ideals that have transformed throughout centuries of myths and tales.
Pandora's box tale is the most popular amount of today's society. The artist's approach, creating a virtual "walk-in" 360 Pandoras Box where the audience walks around and sees their reflection within the glass, contradicts society's views on women as the box shows their strengths. Each character shown in the installation is to represent what society determines to be female strengths that are often neglected. The artist has given them names in the representation of mythological goddesses. The darkness in the background sets the mood as blue hues depict wealth and sadness but also trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and faith. In contrariety of purple hues that are associated with dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, and independence. All terms that are often neglected while describing females in everyday scenarios.

Gabe Carbonara   
Launch Project

Uncertain Times is a digitally produced comic book that tells a story about some of the everyday struggles that undocumented immigrants go through today in the modern-day U.S. In the United States about 11 million people live without citizenship, and many are living in a state of liminal legality, meaning while they live as citizens, they lack the rights that we take as a given. As for those of us formally a part of the population, we depend upon various facets of living that create a sense of security that makes life livable and determines its level of quality, such as career employment as well as access to healthcare. In terms of employment, undocumented workers make up an important segment of our workforce, and when it comes to hazardous situations in the work environment it is arguable that no other segment of the population is of greater possibility for injury, and neither are they in a better position toward retaining care for it. In terms of access to general care and to even more serious care, undocumented immigrants maintain access mainly through community health clinics across the country, where they receive favorable rates, however many are still living without; in terms of their ability to access, and maintain general healthcare, which makes injurious conditions become perpetuated, as a part of their daily living. Among indirectly relevant barriers are language barriers and their lack of access to transportation. Many of us still live without the systems of care and commitment, that many of us take for granted.


Christian Aufiero
Launch Project
“Don’t Play This”

The idea of a game that does not want you to participate in its activities, that is the goal that is attempted to be achieved with Don’t Play This. This interactive web-game attempts to bring a new perspective towards the purpose and goals of playing games in general, where many of the events that occur within the game are specifically designe d to be unpleasant or unsettling to the player.

The game itself runs on a timer, where as long as the player performs any actions whatsoever on their keyboard or device, the game will continue on, exposing the player to numerous negative stimuli. These can range from irritating noises to disturbing imagery, all in an attempt to get the player to not make any more inputs. When we play games, not only do we find ourselves with a definable goal, but we also form this layer of separation between the game and ourselves, and this piece aims to break both of those barriers.

The game was made using the Unity engine, and was styled after early arcade games prevalent in the 70s and 80s, primarily ones that utilized vectorized graphics and angular shapes for their style, as well as minimal use of color. Voice acting was provided by Graham Chorusey, additional art was provided by Austin Coppola, music was provided by Spacy.

Anna Bosworth
Launch Project
“The Museum of Natural History“

This is a proposal for a pop up museum called “The Museum of Natural History”, which intends to provide everyone access to the natural world regardless of their geological location. In the past, naturally occurring wild spaces were more common, but as protections for these lands have deteriorated, the museum recognizes the importance of these environments for human knowledge and enjoyment.

Visitors will be able to visit the museum’s cutting edge “Forest Room”, which mimics the experience of spending time in the naturally occurring forests of the past. The museum gallery will expose visitors to never before seen physical artifacts such as coral and orchid plants , as well as provide the experience to touch living grass!
Plans are in motion to expand the museum to include a wider variety of environmental rooms, including a meadow experience and a desert experience. More can be read about the goals and outlooks of the museum on its plan proposal page.

*The Museum of Natural History’s grand opening has been postponed due to unforeseen worldwide illness and hopes to reopen with an expanded environmental repertoire.*

Dylan Calderon
Launch Project
“5 Easy Steps to Survive Your Quarantine”

“5 Easy Steps to Survive Your Quarantine”: is a parody video on internet video guides all over Sites like YouTube and alike. The simplicity and generalities of lists that are supposedly easy to follow or assume that the steps involved are the ke y to solving the problem of which the guides’ are centered around, are often humorous and more often than not, do not help you in the long run. This “Life Hack” approach is made to be a sarcastic response to how our society is coping with the repercussions of having to stay inside from a student’s perspective.This 5 step guides attempts to draw some humor and personal setbacks that stem from the unfortunate Quarantine caused by an even more alarming Pandemic.

An important aspect to not overlook is that the entire video is constructed and edited on an iPhone X using different applications. It was important that i do it through the mobile smartphone medium because of how much people are relying on technology to keep them sane during these pressing times.

Alec Giorgio
Launch Project
“Show Of Hands”

In his piece, “Show Of Hands”, Alec Giorgio utilizes Instagram and the Spark AR platform to explore the ideas of interactive art, pop culture, and accessible art to create a piece that anyone can utilize for their own enjoyment.

The piece consists of 20 different Spark AR creations which include, Camera Filters, Color Changing Effects, Interactive Pieces, and Games. Utilizing the Spark AR platform to create a variety of different pieces in one medium he hopes to explore how people can utilize art to bring joy to their lives or even make the creations  their own giving them the building blocks to create their own experiences.

His goal of the piece is to create an accessible piece of art in a New Medium to create a portable ‘installation’ that can bring pop culture straight to the users phone.

Alec hopes that his piece brings you as much joy as he had while creating it. :)

Avi Goldman         
Launch Project

With Technology, we can better understand the mysteries of Nature. Science has recently discovered that there couldn't have been life on the land of Earth if it wasn't for fungus; our ancient elder organism, so widely misunderstood. An underground fiberous network of fungi called mycelium for epoches has converted the rock and the dead into LIFE - complex soil giving rise to plants, animals - evolutions we are. Hidden below, the mycelium has remained as the very key life force of the whole show, weavers of a matrix of interconnected aware earth.

Mycelia are the primordial pioneers and conductors of the natural life systems humans are in trouble for neglecting and exploiting. What kind of solutions could these wise ancestors of ours provide us? Often we think Technology has the answers to Nature, but perhaps it is can be the other way around? What can we learn from this oragnism about technology, whose innovation of connectivity predates our Internet?

NEW ANCIENT is a virtual web space documenting my experimentation in creating a living electronic sculpture out of mycelium composite as an attempt to 'reconnect the network' relating the fungus-trans-human environment, while blurring together the presupposed dualism of Nature and Technology, and assumptions beyond.


Daniel Heinley & Jewel Slade
Launch Project
Inappropriation Project”

The Inappropriation Project is a continuous collection of jumbled thoughts and images that are being created in a time of such uncertainty. We are once again stuck back in our home towns, though we had wished to be thinking forward and outward. We were forced to create work in a time that feels extremely unmotivating and immobile. We are working with preexisting images from our family archives, the internet, and within our own previous projects and appropriating them to give these “poor images'' a new life.

“The poor image is a rag or a rip; an AVI or a JPEG, a lumpen proletariat in the class society of appearances, ranked and valued according to its resolution. The poor image has been uploaded, downloaded, shared, reformatted, and re edited. It transforms quality into accessibility, exhibition value into cult value, films into clips, contemplation into distraction. The image is liberated from the vaults of cinemas and archives and thrust into digital uncertainty, at the expense of its own substance. The poor image tends towards abstraction: it is a visual idea in its very becoming.”

- The Poor Image” by Hito Steyerl

Andrew Hohl        
Launch Project
“S-P-O-R-T-S” is a photo based print project that is an accumulation of sports photos taken over a three year span. As a photographer Andrew Hohl wants to bring more meaning to the sports photo by showing the emotion captured in sports and how much more it means then just action shots. The prints take different photos of emotions captured in sports and remove the sports elements from the image but recycle them sp they act as the building blocks of the photo. 

Steven Lomangino
Launch Project
“Representation of a
Jazz Drum Solo
“Representation of a Jazz Drum Solo” is a multi-media installation that draws connections between music and visual arts through the use of real-time processing. Utilizing drums, transducers, and processing, a visual sketch is projected in real-time while the drums play themselves.

Katherine Lousell
Launch Project
“Into The World”

Into the World is a text-adventure RPG game built on Twine using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It is about a young adventurer with Social Anxiety. In an attempt to simulate a personal experience, the game will place you into various anxiety-inducing events throughout your “adventure” that can vary based on your personality type. The game is still in development and has a long way to go, though a short demo version is available to play now.

The main goal of Into the World is to bring to light the struggles one with Social Anxiety may face in a world where communication has become vital for survival.

Tyler Paparella
Launch Project
"HYPEBEAST" is a project telling a special narrative around hypebeast and sneaker-head culture, and Tylers own experience within the group. A story about how Tyler and his Uncle got through a very tough time using hypebeast and sneaker fashion as an outlet to change the energy around them.

HYPEBEAST : "A Hype Beast is a kid that collects clothing, shoes, and accessories for the sole purpose of impressing others. Although the individual may not have a dime to their name they like to front like they are making far more than everybody else. Equipped with mommies credit card the Hype Beast will try his hardest to make sure he has every pair of Nike’s he saw Jay-Z wearing on 106 & Park." - MERRIAM-WEBSTER

Sundiatta Small    
Launch Project
Nike X Kaepernick”

For this piece Sundiatta Small focuses on the strategies utilized by companies to market, or influence their clientele to partake in the consumption of their products, using Nike’s 30th anniversary “Just Do It” ad, as the prime example. This project will look into the “backend” of the dealings of many of these companies, with the hope to unveil the image of morality created by Nike, and it’s counterparts. In his research he will be analyzing and visualizing the way in which social media, using twitter as an example, has played a large part in most companies marketing offenses, specifically focusing on how the world interacts with Colin Kaepernick and how Nike has associated itself to his image.

Sundiatta also, through this project, wishes to bring attention to and rekindle the relationship between the general public and their information, or data. He encourages us to claim authority over our digital footprint as well as the data being fed to us, as opposed to fearing it.

Megan Stacey
Launch Project
“A Robot Wrote This”

When a senior writer for a children’s magazine retires, who will take her place? A robot, that’s who! Mayhem ensues in this quiet little office, as dragons appear, princesses run amok, and there’s a dance party every time you blink! A Robot Wrote This is a show about accepting those who are different than ourselves, the importance of friendship, and what it means to be human (from someone who is anything but!) And the kicker? In this show, every single word was written by artificial intelligence!