New Media Senior Show                                                                  
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About Us

We are the New Media Senior Class of 2020 at Purchase College, presenting to you our senior exhibition, S0CIAL D1STANCE. Each year seniors are expected to work towards a project that is a culmination of their skills, talents, and interests, presenting them in

a public exhibition to receive feedback from their faculty, families, and friends. Given the current situation surrounding COVID-19, a physical exhibition was deemed not possible just weeks before the event was meant to take place. For almost all students,

this meant a complete overhaul of their projects. Some had to scrap entire sculptures when we were asked to leave campus, while some had to forgo their entire concepts, and create a new thesis and a new project to fit the digital space. In the face of this,

it felt appropriate to name our gathering after the current inability to do so. S0CIAL D1STANCE is a show about creating as a unit while being alone, about art in the face of adversity, and about being the first students to graduate into a changed new world.